Monday, April 15, 2024 launches. Now Play the most popular online Ligaz888 games such as Chess and Backgammon for real money.

Date: announces the launch of the first online games site where players compete against each other for real money. Players put up their own money and the winner takes the pot, just as in the “real” world. is the first site to offer one-on-one competition for real money in games-of-skill.


Portland, Ore. Over 30 million people on the Internet play games such as Chess, Backgammon, Checkers and others. has brought a new, and legal, dimension to these games where players actually put up their own money and challenge others, with the winner taking the pot.


WinnerZone is able to do this legally by offering only “games-of-skill”. No Blackjack or Craps here. This is not a Casino and nothing like it exists in the bricks and mortar world. WinnerZone is not located offshore, has no stake in the outcome of any Ligaz888 game and has no way of even potentially ripping off its customers, as many fear “traditional” online casinos do.


WinnerZone ensures fair play in all games by a patent-pending business method that allows the challenged player to reject the second in combined with a patent-pending rating system that takes in to account not only who won and who lost, but the respective ratings of the players and the amount wagered.


Games initially offered include Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Go-Moku, and Reversi. Plans for the future include Cribbage, Hearts and Spades as well as Video games. “Basically anything that can be played mano-a-mano will be offered on our site” says the founder, Kenneth Hartog.


Poker Game for Macintosh now available…


Hanky Panky in the Hole


Barbara Eden was forbidden to show her belly button in the famous TV series I Dream of Jeannie. Her costume designer worked overtime to cover it up, much to her fans’ dismay.


“Every product has a sexy side,” according to Nick D’Alto in his article Sex Sells! Billions of dollars in advertising dollars sell everything from jeans to perfume, using sex as the bait.


But are the download sites ready for sex? Definitely not, according to Gypsy King Software founder Shari Coxford.


The idea behind Poker Hole, a poker game with a risque name, was to entice downloads in a saturated market of poker games, simply for the ingenious naming strategy. One reviewer gave it 5 stars for the name alone. So what happened to it? Why didn’t the download sites pick it up?


Simply put… sex. The official game blurb whispers hints of forbidden hanky panky, too hot for the download sites to sponsor. “Dive into the Poker Hole and play 5 card stud, video poker and acey deucey. Raise, call, fold or try to bluff your way to riches as the dealer entertains you with her wicked wit. The dealer’s voice recorded by a genuine card dealer, only you won’t hear this kind of entertainment at your usual poker holes. And she won’t leave you wondering what happened. Easy to follow gameplay, tutoring assistance, and built in help so you’ll never get lost.”


Sounds downright lurid, doesn’t it? But the riskiest aspect of Poker Hole, besides its name, is a dealer who gets just a wee bit flirty. Like when you stick your finger in the betting hole instead of your money… “Get your fingers outta my pot!” she warns. The mind takes it from there, twisting it into something far worse. But Poker Hole is just a friendly little card game, according to Gypsy King Software. No hanky panky in the hole. The hanky panky lives solely in the minds of the players.


Hear for yourself. You won’t get all the goodies in the demo version, but it does offer a sampling. For the official Poker Hole page, go to


We had to change the name to Poker Game, but all the goodies are intact.





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