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Chance’s Slot Winning Texas Holdem Poker V


The best time to get an edge in Texas holdem poker is at the beginning of the hand – the first two cards. Most of the time you’ll get your edge by folding the hand without putting any chips in the pot. The NoFoldem Texas Holdem Hole Cards Table is your best guide to winning hole card play.


In the NoFoldem holdem table, the hole cards with a plus (+) sign in the Hands Won percentage column are the starting hands with above average winning potential for a ten player game. Casino holdem is normally dealt ten handed. A NoFoldem table generated for fewer than ten players will show pocket pairs ranked somewhat higher in relative winning potential and more of the hole cards will be above average. Even so, the 10 player nofoldem table presented at this site is an excellent starting point for getting an edge in Texas holdem Poker.


Some players believe that all hole cards are equal until the flop. Other players will fold some hole cards, but play weaker hole cards. Still others will fold on the first round for reasons other than their hole cards. Their decision to play or fold is based on their position, how many players are in the hand, how much they are winning or losing, whether the pot is raised or any number of other reasons. Some will play every hand when they are in a winning streak or a rush and be more selective the rest of the time.


The individual playing styles and decisions make every Slot Texas Holdem Poker game different and unpredictable. It’s impossible to know exactly which hole cards to play or fold, but we can use the NoFoldem Holdem Hole Cards Table and some common sense to determine a winning approach to hole card play. It would seem counter-productive to play some hole cards and fold other hole cards that are higher in the nofoldem table. It would also seem self-destructive to play hole cards with less than average winning potential. These two guidelines alone will give us a winning hole card strategy that can be further refined by experience and accurate play records.


Be aware that there is a point of diminishing returns in tight play. If you play too tight, your bankroll will be eaten alive by the blind bets.


Hole card play is the most important part of holdem poker. You must get an edge on the first round or you will be at a long run disadvantage for the rest of the hand. There is no strategy for the flop, turn and river that can overcome a mathematical disadvantage.


Your long run edge in holdem poker can be destroyed by long run bad play. You will need all your holdem poker skills to maintain the edge you get from a winning hole card strategy.


Chance’s Winning Texas Holdem Poker VI


Texas Holdem Poker players and holdem experts know that you should vary your play to confuse and bewilder the other players. If you play every hand the same way, you risk being labeled a robot by your fellow players and you won’t get any respect at the poker table. Not only that, you’ll have to endure all the poker articles and player remarks about how easy you are to beat in holdem poker because you’re so predictable.


A common strategy variation in holdem poker is slow playing strong hands. Slow play can sometimes build larger pots, but slow playing your strong hands can cost you money in the long run because observant players will then know when your hand is weak. You will have far more weak hands than strong hands so be careful not to give away any information if you like to slow play.


Some people slow play every hand. They don’t give any clues about their hole cards and it’s difficult to put them on a hand. They are referred to as calling stations, but calling is not a winning strategy in Texas Holdem Poker.


Switching from betting to check raising might have some value as a variation in play if you can change your strategy without revealing any information about your hole cards.


I have never knowingly played or observed a recognized authority on Texas Holdem Poker. I have played holdem poker with a buttload of crossroaders and other players that I call professionals because they make consistent money at holdem poker.


I have never seen a winning Texas Holdem Poker player that did much in the way of varying their play. They do nothing to give you any information about their hand. You won’t know if they’re betting the nuts or running a complete bluff. They’re predictable alright. They win.


This concludes the series.




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