Sunday, May 26, 2024

Miss America a togel hongkong hari ini Dealer?


I’m not a fan of the Miss America pageant. It really is a shame that it can be ruined for me, since it’s a contest that features some of the country’s most beautiful women. The problem is that there is too much crap that no one could care less about.


Beautiful women walking up and down the stage in bikinis: great. Beautiful women walking up and down the stage in evening gowns: pretty good. Beautiful women answering stupid questions from a panel of judges: God help me! World peace? That’s what you wish for? Amazing, how did you ever think of that?


I’m not saying that beautiful women can’t be intelligent, but the Miss America contestants don’t seem to be the brightest of the bunch. Maybe the girls who spend so much time competing in beauty pageants to have come this far don’t have enough extra time to read, go to school or listen to smart people speak. Also, it’s hard to come up with an intelligent response to some of those questions.


Having said all of that, when the Miss America pageant airs on January 30, I will be pulling for Miss Nevada. I still won’t watch it, of course, but if I think of it I might cross my fingers for her. Why? Because she used to be a togel hongkong hari ini dealer; that’s why. Blackjack has always been my game of choice in the casinos (as you might guess by the fact that I write for this site) and when you get a pretty dealer, it makes the game that much more enjoyable.


Miss Nevada, Christina Keegan, used to work as a blackjack dealer at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. Now I’m wondering why I never played there. If only I had known! Not only that, but Keegan admitted in an interview that she “was a bad blackjack dealer.” She says that she “would tell people to walk away from the table when they were losing.” How compassionate! Of course, walking away when you’re losing isn’t always good strategy (though sometimes it is), but it’s nice when the dealer doesn’t seem to be out for your money.


This makes me wonder why more casinos don’t have beauty queens working as blackjack dealers. It would probably cause losing players to stick around longer. If I’m doing terribly and ready to leave, all she has to do is look at me with those beautiful don’t-leave-yet-you-still-have-a-chance-to-win-don’t-worry-I’m-not-after-your-money-besides-maybe-you’ll-get-my-phone-number-later-if-you-stay-eyes.


Yes, it’s a very specific look, but if done correctly, men would be powerless. Miss Keegan is also cool in other ways. She’s a ballerina, which I’ve always found to be hot, not only because it means she’s flexible, but also because I’ve always had a thing for women who point their toes. Also, instead of preaching world peace, she picks something more realistic. She is promoting rape education and recovery. It’s an issue that hits close to home for Keegan, who was sexually assaulted twice while studying abroad in Spain.


“According to FBI statistics, one in six women is the victim of some sort of sexual assault in their lifetime,” she said. “Think about it. There are 53 contestants. I’m not the only one.” Yikes, that’s pretty scary.


I know what you’re thinking. Wait, she said 53 contestants! She thinks we have 53 states! We have another idiot in the beauty pageant! Not so fast, my friend. The Miss America pageant has contestants representing each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico (thank you, Wikipedia). So stop stereotyping beauty contestants before you get to know them, okay? Also, President Obama thinks that the country has 59 states, so is it really that big of a mistake?






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