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keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders September 26th


It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Bodog Leaderboard update. keluar sgp  The monthly race is rapidly becoming more exciting as we near the end of September. Who will finish on top and win that seat to the exclusive January 2009 tournament? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, be sure to click here to read all about the prizes up for grabs for the leaderboard races.

As always, let’s take a peek at the winners of the weekly leaderboard from last week. Here were the top 3 when it was all said and done:


  1. WillyNilly – 1953 pts
  2. L Rocketz – 1640 pts
  3. Panicked – 1636 pts


Congratulations to WillyNilly for taking 1st place and winning the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. I’m actually very pleased to see WillyNilly win because while he’s appeared in the top 10 on the leaderboards several times, he has not won one since I’ve been covering Bodog. He was in 3rd place when I wrote last Friday with a few days left to go in the week. The day after I wrote my article, he took the lead away from TheMicrowave, and he kept it until the weekly race was over. TheMicrowave slipped down to 4th place for the week. L Rocketz moved up from last week’s 4th to finish in 2nd place, and Panicked ended up in 3rd. If you’ve been following my articles, you’ll know that Panicked had won the weekly leaderboard the previous two weeks, so that’s three consecutive weeks he’s been in the top 3 for the weekly leaderboard.


Now for some current weekly leaderboard standings:


  1. Killa_Tyven – 1707 pts
  2. Panicked – 1627 pts
  3. ParliGod – 1449 pts
  4. Swany420 – 1202 pts
  5. The Nation07 – 1158 pts
  6. BuschInCans – 1043 pts
  7. TheMicrowave – 1032 pts
  8. crappy player – 1003 pts
  9. shawncarter – 983 pts
  10. Nels316 – 964 pts


Killa_Tyven is in 1st place at the moment with 1707 points, but there’s Panicked at his heals with 1627 points. I know I must sound like a broken record, but wow Panicked has been on fire lately. He is absolutely dominating the Bodog leaderboards the last few weeks and it looks like he is on pace to placing in the weekly top 3 for the 4th week in a row. ParliGod, another really solid regular on these leaderboards, rounds out the top 3.


Let’s move on to the exciting stuff – here is the top 10 for the monthly leaderboard:


  1. Panicked – 5269 pts
  2. Troy111 – 4030 pts
  3. The Maven – 3993 pts
  4. WillyNilly – 3809 pts
  5. Killa_Tyven – 3760 pts
  6. whatever877 – 3691 pts
  7. TheMicrowave – 3530 pts
  8. ParliGod – 3443 pts
  9. Swany420 – 3369 pts
  10. iNcOgNiTo888 – 3227 pts


The problem is, how exciting can something be when you already know who’s going to win? Yes, I went ahead and said it: I don’t see how Panicked is going to lose. With a huge lead of over 1200 points, the players lower in the standings will have to have an unbelievable last week if they want any hope of catching him. That being said, there are some other great players in that top 10. Troy111, in 2nd place right now, is frequently near the top of these standings, as is WillyNilly and whatever877. It is likely that only the players currently sitting around 4000 points right now will have any chance of catching Panicked. Increasing your point total by almost 2000 with less than a week remaining would be an extremely difficult thing to do.


Well I can speculate all I want and make my predictions as to who will finish on top for September, but we won’t know anything for sure until the month is over. To see full results sans the guess work, be sure to come back next Friday to see the September results. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend






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