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The History of the Bingo game and Togel Hari Ini




There are probably very little people in the world who don’t know how to play Bingo, but there are however many people who don’t know how Bingo came

into the world. On this page you can read a brief history of the world famous game BINGO.


Researchers can trace back Bingo to the 16th century, to the period of the reunification of Italy. This was the beginning of the Italian Lo Giuco del Lotto d’Italia, the national state lottery. Up until now, the Italian state lottery filled up the country’s treasury. The national lottery looked a lot like the way we know the game Bingo today and it was hugely popular all over Italy. In no time, this popularity crossed the Italian borders and all over Europe people started to organize lotto’s.

The first country that got effected with the Italian lotto craze was France. The French version of lotto was a beloved game, especially by the French intelligentsia.


The French game resembled Bingo in many ways, the only difference was that they used chips instead of balls and there weren’t any pattern’s yet. The only way to win the game was by covering horizontal rows.


Years later, the Bingo game became even more popular when it was

presented as an educational tool for children. The numeric character

of lotto, was considered an educational instrument for a long time.

It took until 1929 before the game was brought from Germany to the

United States. At that time the name of the game was “Beano”, because

it was played with beans. In America the name changed into BINGO,

Bean-Go. When the game was played in Georgia, a business man

named Edwin Lowe took interest in the game, making the game into

an incredible business success.


Interesting fact is that Bingo has never been seen as a ‘sinful activity’ like many other betting Togel Hari Ini games. Somehow Bingo managed to keep a clean and light image.


Why play Online Bingo?


Bingo is for everyone; for people from all ages, all cultures and all backgrounds. The possibility to play Bingo online, from the comfort of your own home, makes playing Bingo even more attractive and even more fun.


For all those people that want to know why they should play online bingo, you can find the best reasons and biggest advantages of online bingo on this page.


Meet New Friends!

Probably the best reason to play online Bingo, is the possibility to make tons of new friends. Thanks to the possibility to chat while you are playing Bingo, you talk with people from all over the world, with who you have one very important thing in common: the passion for Bingo. But there is no need to only talk about the game, you can talk about anything you want!


Win! Win! Win!

Playing a great game AND win prizes?! Can it get any better?

Sky high progressive jackpots, cash prizes, deposit bonuses,

referral bonuses, birthday bonuses and many exciting tournaments

for winning lots of cash in a short period of time are some examples

of the great bonuses and promotion offers in online Bonus Rooms.


It’s So Easy!

There is really nothing to it, if you want to play online Bingo.

The only thing you need to do is download and install the FREE

software of one of the online Bingo Rooms, register, make a

deposit and you can start playing! You can play from almost any

computer that is connected to the internet at home, work or even

in the train, if you have a laptop.





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