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What are the commonalities between art and cryptocurrency? There are many things that the art and cryptocurrency worlds share, including the love for the conceptual, evoking emotions and the tendency of confusing admirers. Since the beginning of the 20th century, cubism has been a major art movement. This opened up new avenues for movements like abstract, impressionism, and pop art. We now enter a new phase, which fuses art and cryptocurrency to create hybrid exhibits with names like the “Bitcoin Art r)Evolution”, in France.

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A Cryptocurrency-Based Underground Art Movement has sprung up. Modernism in art refers to a rejection and commitment to radical change. Modern art movements were inspired by the belief that technology would improve human society. This fits well with crypto. Bitcoin is anti-capitalist because it can decentralize banks and give equal access to finance.

Fauvism and futurism are all important movements in creative expression. Under the layers of esoteric jargon, there is a belief that everyone can create and appreciate good art. Art is not reserved for elite or educated groups of society, it is a visual representation that represents the new age revolutionaries.

It is no surprise that crypto has been used by artists to purchase, sell, create, and trade art. Artists and collectors need to be familiar with the current trends driving the market. The cryptocurrency and the global community it has created have infused products and gradually influenced pop culture. Many independent galleries are jumping on board the crypto train. A portion of Andy Warhol’s 1980 piece “14 Small Electric Chairs” was sold at a London art gallery as fractionalized ownership with cryptocurrency.

Joe Nash, a Singapore-based collector, is selling some pieces of his Australian art collection via Visionairs Gallery. Visionairs Gallery accepts cryptocurrencies as well. Lynx Art Collection, an art gallery based in Florida, is now accepting bitcoin payments. Maecenas claims to be “the premier open-Shelter Crypto platform that democratizes the access to fine arts.”

To celebrate its birthday, a group international artists held a crypto art exhibition in France. It was called the “Bitcoin Art (r?Evolution”) and aimed to demonstrate “the potential of cryptography through symbolism or practice” and “illustrate how this digital revolution began.”

One interesting aspect of the art industry is wannabe artist who submits art in exchange for tokens. Scarab Experiment was an example of a multi-user collective using artificial intelligence image processing to produce a single work from over a thousand submissions.



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