• Smokeless nicotine

    A taxing problem in anti-cigarette age and Smokeless nicotine

    Prohibition ended decades ago, but there’s now a new prohibitionist movement under way, one that relies more on economics and social pressure than regulation, and one that has major financial implications for the government. What, you thought we were talking about booze? Actually, the once-and-maybe- eventually-to-be-banned-again substance in question is the cigarette. And yes, there was a time when not just the lighting up of a cigarette but the manufacture and ownership of cigarettes was illegal, a fascinating historical footnote recounted in Cassandra Tate’s 1999 book “Cigarette Wars: The Triumph of ‘The Little White Slaver.’ “ In 1893, Tate writes, Washington’s Legislature made it illegal to manufacture, buy, sell, give…