Monday, April 15, 2024

sbobet Blogger Championship



Indeed, I’m not playing, today, but I’ll be there to watch everybody. Here are a few details.

PokerStars Blogger Championship

4:00pm ET.

CJ will be playing under the name sbobet

G-Rob (if he’s not working) will be playing under the name GRobman

Otis will be making special appearances.

Wanna watch? You can download the client for free by clicking here. Then go to Tourney/Private and scroll down the the PokerStars Blogger Championship (it’s in green).

Are You “The Nuts?”

Why aren’t you on my blogroll? Okay, I’m sure it’s my fault. You sent me an email awhile back and I meant to add you and forgot. Or you left a comment hoping I’d see it and put you on the list. Well, now’s my chance to right that wrong.

Please leave me a comment with your poker blog and, if you’d like a special spotlight, tell me why you should be “The Nuts.” By Wednesday, you’ll be on the roll and I’ll pick a new winner. And sorry, but you’re not getting any cool PokerStars gear out of this. Up For Poker has no budget. Although I’m thinking of merchandising… but that would only confirm fears that my ego is too large (check the comments).

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve now managed to redirect and Makes it a lot easier to tell people how to get here. Next step will be moving this over completely… but that’s way down the road. I’m an idiot, it was hard enough to figure this out!

I few hands later, I threw away a bunch of chips and found myself relatively shortstacked. Then I lucked into K’s and won a nice pot. And then it happened. A few hands later, it’s Cowboys again and wil pushes all in in front of me for about half my stack. I push all in to eliminate one caller and my K’s hold up over his Snowmen. (wil liveblogged the tourney over at Card Squad.)

You never really feel bad about winning a big pot, but I didn’t want to put wil out if I didn’t have to. I managed to carry that stack all the way to 10th place before making a stupid call with KQ preflop. I lost to J’s and was out. I would have made the final table had I just folded, but that’s the way it goes.

Congrats to Sparky for holding up blogger pride and winning the whole thing! I also enjoyed playing with Chris and, of course, the Poker Princess.

It was a blast, and because I was lucky enough to bust him, wil named next week’s tourney at Pokerstars the Up4Poker Invitational. Make sure you sign up and play!



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