How To Make Exponential Financial Progress By Focusing On Simple Things


There’s a guy I know who is always banging his head against the

same wall… ouch!

He just doesn’t get it. Each month he reads a new financial book or

attends a new “get out of debt” seminar, but his results are always

the same — zilch.

This has been going on for years and his debt continues to grow,

along with personal and family frustrations.

Do you know someone like that? Are you like that?

The way he’s going now, a month of one-on-one with Dave Ramsey

wouldn’t help.

I used to be on a similar path. But then everything started to

change — for the better.

I started to do exactly the opposite of my friend and my debt

started to go down and my peace started to go up.

Here’s what I did and here’s the advice I’d give you.

There’s a way to get out of debt and grow financial peace


And this way always works.

When you apply this advice, your relationship with God and those

closest to you will get better, your earnings will grow, your debts

will diminish, and your lifestyle will improve.

Your life will quickly transform when YOU start to apply this


Here it is.



Remember this: every level of income DEMANDS a different you. Every

step along the path to Debt Living God’s Way REQUIRES a

different you. You can’t get to where you want to be by staying

where you are.

It’s really simple. The fastest way to get out of debt and begin to

enjoy Debt Free Living God’s Way is to learn and APPLY faster.

Ask yourself this: What is one financial habit I can start

improving RIGHT NOW?

Start small. Take one step at a time.

Write this “one way” on a note and put it on your refrigerator..

What will you write? What is the one small step you can take today?p>

Honestly, you don’t need anyone to give you any suggestions. You

already know what it is. You just haven’t decided to do it. Maybe

you’ve tried. But you’ve never done it.

By the way, I hate it when someone says they’re going to “try” to

change a financial habit. Why? Let me show you.

Look at the desk in front of you. Fix your eyes on something you

are able to pick up.

Ready? Now “try” to pick it up.

What did you do? Did you pick it up or did you NOT pick it up? You

picked it up, right?

It’s the same with financial habits. Don’t “try” to do it, just

start doing it. “Trying” to change a habit will most likely mean

that habit won’t change.

You have to decide. “I’m finally ready to ACT on what I know I

should do. It’s time! I’ve had enough of this debt stuff. I’ve had

it with being out of God’s will in this area. I’m tired of feeling

guilty before God and those I love. I’m no longer going to try. I’m

just going to do it. God please help me because I’m just going to


Build yourself consistently by increasing your knowledge and

understanding of what God has to say about finances. Then START to

apply. Don’t TRY. Just DO IT.

Take action NOW on one financial principle or one practical

application and stay with it until it becomes a habit (about three

weeks) then move on from there.

You can and will begin to get out of debt. You can and will learn

to experience Debt Free Living God’s Way.


Brassica is considered a leading biblical finance expert, and has been working in the area of biblical finance for 20 years. He’s been endorsed by some of the most high profile and successful Christian authors and teachers like Larry Burkett, Ron Blue, Dave Ramsey and others.

Brassica is the creator the “4 Weeks Money Mentoring Program”, a unique online training for transforming money management and wealth building efforts into a highly effective financial strategy – in 4 weeks flat. Its power comes from focusing on biblical principles combined practical application, delivered in a format and pace that makes it easy to get results.

Put these effective strategies into action and you’ll energize your financial life… and see the results yourself, as your financial life straightens out, wealth grows and your intimacy with God soars through the roof.