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    Odds always stacked

    IT is a statistical fact that poker machine operators can’t possibly lose . . . meaning punters can’t possibly win. That’s because every one of Victoria’s 27,500 poker machines is programmed to give the operators between 10c and 13c of every dollar that goes in. So while some gamblers obviously get the occasional lucky break, the money they win comes from other players. Those winnings don’t come out of the amply-lined pockets of Tattersall’s or Tabcorp. And the odds dictate that if winning punters don’t quickly walk away with their cash they will soon lose it. Put simply, all poker machine punters do is turn every dollar they spend into…

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    Goodlatte Returns with New Bill to Ban Internet Gambling in Sg Online Casino

        U.S. Rep. Robert Goodlatte, Republican-Virginia, has once again introduced a bill to make Internet gambling a federal crime. The 2001 version, introduced this morning in the House of Representatives, is called the “Combating Illegal Gambling Reform and Modernization Act.”   In previous years, Goodlatte’s bill has been called the “Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.” It was last considered by the House on July 17, 2000. Although it received a majority of votes, it failed because it was brought up for a vote under special rules that required a two-thirds majority.   A bill under the same name, introduced by Sen. Jon Kyl, Republican-Arizona, was passed by the Senate in…

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    Menghindari Kesalahan Judi Ini Akan Menghindari Kerugian

      Kasino penuh dengan bahaya. Beberapa dari bahaya ini relatif jelas, tetapi sebagian besar disamarkan dengan cerdik oleh kasino. Kasino terkenal karena menggunakan matematika di balik permainan untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dari para pemain. Tetapi untuk mendapatkan keuntungan sebagai pemain judi online 24 jam,  Anda harus berhenti sejenak. Menghindari sembilan kesalahan perjudian ini akan menghemat uang Anda. Dan tips dan trik bermain judi online 24 jam dapat di palace303 dapat anda baca dibawah ini. Teruskan membaca di bawah ini! 1 – Percaya pada Keberuntungan Lantai kasino penuh dengan lebih banyak pesona keberuntungan daripada lorong sereal di toko bahan makanan lokal Anda. Ke mana pun Anda memandang, Anda akan melihat pemain dengan…

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    Winnerzone.com launches. Now Play the most popular online Ligaz888 games such as Chess and Backgammon for real money.

    WinnerZone.com announces the launch of the first online games site where players compete against each other for real money. Players put up their own money and the winner takes the pot, just as in the “real” world.   WinnerZone.com is the first site to offer one-on-one competition for real money in games-of-skill.   Portland, Ore. Over 30 million people on the Internet play games such as Chess, Backgammon, Checkers and others. WinnerZone.com has brought a new, and legal, dimension to these games where players actually put up their own money and challenge others, with the winner taking the pot.   WinnerZone is able to do this legally by offering only…

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    Chance’s Slot Winning Texas Holdem Poker V

    The best time to get an edge in Texas holdem poker is at the beginning of the hand – the first two cards. Most of the time you’ll get your edge by folding the hand without putting any chips in the pot. The NoFoldem Texas Holdem Hole Cards Table is your best guide to winning hole card play.   In the NoFoldem holdem table, the hole cards with a plus (+) sign in the Hands Won percentage column are the starting hands with above average winning potential for a ten player game. Casino holdem is normally dealt ten handed. A NoFoldem table generated for fewer than ten players will show…

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    When it comes to these ligaz888 bets, your best bet is complete avoidance

        What constitutes a bad bet in a casino? Now there’s a loaded question. From a purely mathematical standpoint, any and all bets where the player doesn’t have an advantage are bad. Why? Because it costs money (gambling losses) to play. The renowned blackjack author, Peter Griffin, puts it this way: “After analyzing a casino proposition, I decide whether or not to play based on one thing–whether the sign preceding the figure on the bottom line is positive or negative. If the number has a negative sign, say -1.41 percent for the pass line bet at craps, I’m not interested.”   Eminently logical, but there’s one little problem. Griffin’s…

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    A new career in UFAgaming

    In the middle of his poker “rush” Lyle Berman was dancing toward bigger fortunes in business. Beginning with his involvement as a limited partner in a blind pool (1990) he was searching for businesses in which to invest . He recalls casually, “I did a couple of deals. “The blind pool was a public company that merged G3 Leather Company (a company he knew well) and Northgate Computer Company, a Dell look-alike except for going out of business in 1990. In the same year, two of Lyle’s partners in the pool had negotiated a gaming deal with an Indian tribe. They came to Lyle thinking he would join as a…

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    In Sbobet Indonesia, An Unpredictable Image Can Make The Difference Between Profit And Poverty

    When evaluating the importance of poker concepts, there is one that I rate much higher than do many other authorities. That concept deals with the image you present at the poker table and how much it affects what you can expect to win. Could I be more specific? Sure. I believe that finding and conveying the right image is so important that – right now, as we speak – thousands of players who are capable of making a life-long profit are, instead, broke and miserable. You keep hearing me stress again and again that you need the right kind of image to win big at poker. Here are five elements…

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    Kepa’s Last Stand on Judi Bola Online24Jam Terpercaya

    THE CHELSEA GOALKEEPER’S DEFIANCE WAS A SAD DAY FOR FOOTBALL   It was the most unexpected spectacle.   THE CHELSEA GOALKEEPER’S DEFIANCE WAS A SAD DAY FOR FOOTBALL   An otherwise lethargic League Cup Final sprung unexpectedly into life when Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to leave the field while being substituted at the end of extra-time.   Nobody watching could recall from their years of watching the game, a player refuse outright to go off when substituted. Kepa’s refusal to leave the field will go down in football history. As penalty specialist Willy Caballero waited patiently on the touchline to replace the Spaniard and take on his former Manchester…

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    Ace Speaks Dutch

    Until a few years ago, one would see a bunch of extremely experienced players at every final table in Europe, with maybe two outsiders and one or two young players. In fact, not too long ago it was just one player (Marcel Lüske) who truly terrorized the tournament circuit, and won just about every event he played. Nowadays, it seems there more top players who have the ability to perform well on a consistent basis, and just as importantly, it seems that these quality players are getting younger and younger.   A while ago, I witnessed a young Swede, Alexander Stevic, win the inaugural European Poker Tour event. That was…