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Blepharoplasty – What It Is and What to Expect – Explained by Non-surgical nose job


What Is It?

Blepharoplasty, or cosmetic eyelid surgery, is a common procedure that results in a more rested and refreshed appearance for many patients. In you are interested in learning about “Non-surgical nose job“, visit this website “” today.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, (AAFPRS), it was the third most popular cosmetic surgery performed by member doctors in 2011, with more than 140,000 people undergoing it in the United States.

The upper eyelid procedure is ideal for individuals who have excess or loose skin on the upper eyelids. The lower eyelid procedure is performed on patients with puffy eyes that make them seem tired, bags and dark circles under the eyes or lower eyelid droopiness.

What To Expect

Potential patients should know what to expect after the surgery. Those who have eyelid surgery can experience some discomfort and blurry vision immediately following the procedure. This is due to an ointment that is put on the eyes to protect them while the surgery is being performed, and is only temporary. It resolves in two to three hours after the procedure, when the ointment wears off.

Minimal, if any, discomfort can be expected in the first week after surgery. Pain medication should help alleviate discomfort. Individuals are also encouraged to take an antibiotic, if prescribed by their physician, to reduce the risk of infection.

Patients that wear glasses can start to use them the day after surgery. Contact lenses can be used about seven days after surgery. If lower eyelid surgery was performed, the contact lenses should be placed very carefully. The lid should be retracted from the lid margin down, instead of lowering it from the eyelid skin down, as is usually done. Eye make up can be used in about seven to ten days.

Most people that undergo the blepharoplasty procedure can return to work in about ten days. It is recommended that they do not strain their vision for extended periods of time for the first ten days. As far as exercise is concerned, it is wise to avoid it for three weeks. This gives time for the initial swelling to subside and for the incisions to heal. It’s also important to protect the eyes and the incisions from the sun with sunglasses and sunblock ointment.

While it is important to follow your doctor’s orders before and after any surgery, one of the most important precautions patients can take is to choose a licensed, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, or a plastic surgeon for this type of cosmetic procedure. This will not only ensure the patient’s safety, it will also help ensure a positive outcome.



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