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20 Best Fonts For Printing and Translation Services at Translation Company UK


Choosing a font for printing purposes requires some knowledge of font performance. Some fonts are ideal for small print while others look best on large scale projects. Printing projects may also include textbooks, journals, playbills or specialty items. Many fonts feature a number of options such as bold, italic as well as narrow and wide versions of the font. This allows for more options when selecting a font for printing purposes.

If you’re looking for a font that performs well in print media, check out this roundup of twenty proven performers!

  1. Optima (Price: free with some paid complete $22 average; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)

Most often seen as print for books, this sharp font is ideal for projects where readers will be viewing large amounts of text. Can be used at larger or smaller sizes and remains readable.

  1. Times (Price: varies, $26-300.; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)

Featuring a crisp appearance, this font comes with a large number of variations, ideal for many printed projects. Often a default font for many projects and applications, this font is easy to read and gives a professional look to a project.

  1. Helvetica (Price: varies, $26-570.; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)

Used as an all purpose font, Helvetica lends itself to almost any print purpose that needs to look polished.

  1. Futura (Price: $26)


Used in both large font printing and small prints such as journals or books, Futura scales properly for most size needs.

  1. ITC Vintage (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)

A slightly retro font, Vintage is used for menus or projects where a less formal font is needed.

  1. Rockwell (Price: $26-43; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Evoking classic type, this font can be used for vintage posters or print as well as slightly eclectic projects. More about Translation Company UK

  1. Trajan (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)

Used for colleges and educational purposes, this font is most commonly used for movie posters and text. Games may also feature this font.


  1. Courier (Price: $26-35; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Resembling the text from a typewriter, Courier is often used for playbills, advertising and posters where a unique but vintage typewriter feel is desired.


  1. Franklin Gothic (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Used for advertising and posters, this font gives a modern appearance with its dark and crisp lines.


  1. Myriad (Price: $26-35; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


A subtle geometric font, Myriad is readable and can be used for professional or fun print projects.


  1. Excelsior (Price: $26-39; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Very legible for a number of sizes, this font is widely used as stock font for many projects such as books or posters.


  1. Vag Rounded (Price: $99 for all four variations or $29 each)


Originally designed for Volkswagon in 1979, Vag Rounded features a unique rounded font that is both easy to read and fun. Vag Rounded makes a stunning headline font for printing text for youth activities but also looks professional for instruction manuals or other text.


  1. Perpetua (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


This font is based off of engravings, allowing for a formal appearance. The numbers in this font are often used for medieval themed print.


  1. Abadi (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Used for packaging, television and text print, Abadi is a sans serif font that is both clean and edgy.


  1. Bauhaus (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Rounded but easy to read, this font works well with advertising, posters and music or game projects. This is a very contemporary font, and is sometimes seen on menus or signs for trendy locations.


  1. Tallys (Price: Free; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


A standard font that can be used for both casual and formal print, Tallys has a slightly slanted appearance and large capital letters.


  1. Avenir (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Used primarily for headlines and other bold type, this font draws attention with its clean type. Other versions of this font can lend a slightly less formal appearance to print.


  1. Lucida (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Ideal for books, journals and other small type, this font can be used for low resolution printing while still being readable.


  1. Stempel Schneidler (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Used often for displays and bold headlines, Stempel Schneidler has a classic and graceful typeface that makes a statement without being too flashy for print.


  1. Memphis (Price: $26; Platform: Windows, Mac OS X)


Often seen in technical manuals and print projects, Memphis gives print a clear and neutral appearance. This font is also suitable for medical or other formal print designs.





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